Monday, 26 October 2015

LOLER Test and Servicing

C Franklin Ltd provide a servicing and maintenance service for hoists and our LOLER test and servicing contracts includes maintaining your asset register, an automatic booking service so you don’t need to worry about scheduling, and we also offer a sling inspection service to ensure your slings are compliant and safe.

Testing and Repair of Hoists

Preventative maintenance is one step beyond general upkeep.  General upkeep can be performed by a designated person, but preventative maintenance should be done by a qualified crane technician or inspector. Performing visual inspections and minor maintenance including lubrication, latch replacement, and tag replacement is done on all types of lifting equipment. 

We offer compliant inspections by a qualified service technician. Inspections are available monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually for hoists, overhead cranes, chain slings, round slings, web slings, wire rope slings, and below the hook lifting devices. Our preventative maintenance program is tailored to your inspection needs. Our skilled technicians are familiar and know what is necessary to keep your cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment operating safely and at optimal performance level.

C Franklin Ltd is neighborly family run business that prides us on giving a reasonable and solid administration. Set up in 2008 and Safe Contractor endorsed we have introduced lift frameworks for some huge healing facilities, hospices, exceptional needs schools furthermore in private homes. We have developed a huge administration customer base and get the vast majority of this work through suggestion.

C Franklin Ltd offers inspection, installation, testing and repair of hoists, cranes and rigging gear.  The inspections are performed by trained, third party certified inspectors.   Hoist and crane inspections are performed in accordance current industry standards and manufacturers recommendations. A thorough visual inspection is critical and required on all hoists and cranes with specific frequencies depending on the severity of use. C Franklin Ltd also can provide on-site inspections and load tests on your chain falls and lever tools. This on-site service eliminates confusion and expense.

A Nursing Beds is specially designed for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care. These beds have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers. Common features include adjustable height for the entire bed, the head, and the feet, adjustable side rails, and electronic buttons to operate both the bed and other nearby electronic devices. We can service all parts of these beds to ensure they are in the highest working order to provide the maximum standard of care, and can also repair any faults you may be experiencing. A hoist is a mechanical lifting device that can lift someone from a seated position and transfer them to another location such as a bed, seat or bathtub. Some hoists can move horizontally between areas within a room or between rooms.

 A wheeled hoist is free-standing equipment that supports the person being moved in a sling or harness that is suspended from a cantilevered arm. The sling is placed around the person while he or she is seated or lying down. The person is then hoisted up, the hoist is wheeled to the new location and the person is lowered. Ceiling lifts work by using tracks which are installed in the user’s household and are usually electrically powered. The advice of a structural engineer is required if you wish to have a ceiling lift installed.  You must provide a clear path of travel along the route of the track, particularly at door frames for systems that connect two or more rooms. As a key part of care and mobility it is important to keep this in full working order, we can repair any issues you are having or perform a full service to keep it in the highest standard. For more information visit the site

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hoist Maintenance and Inspection

Mobile Hoists are durable and long lasting. The only regular maintenance is inspection, cleaning and lubricating. Chains should be kept clean and rust free. There are only a few bearing points that require oiling but these often require dismantling the hoist.

Proper Repair Techniques

C Franklin Ltd able to offer highly competitive rates for all types of lift work and any customer can expect our costs to be significantly competitive without affecting the excellent standard of our work. All our engineers have been extensively trained and are vastly experienced in all types of lift work, whether it be maintaining, repairing or installing lifts.  We offer a wide range of services to a wide range of clients, large and small. We’re growing our business by offering a fully professional customer service, we listen to the requests of our customers and always try to adapt to their individual needs.

Our Engineers carry with them a large selection of spare parts normally allowing them to carry out the repair on the first visit. Lifting equipment is required to be inspected at 6 monthly intervals & records must be kept of inspections and servicing. We carry out examinations as stipulated by LOLER Regulations. Preventive maintenance and proper repair techniques will greatly enhance the overall capabilities of overhead hoist systems. Training is the key ingredient in developing sound troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance procedures.

Our training facility offers classroom and hands-on workbench training for personnel desiring to maintain overhead hoist systems. With an assortment of several different hoist manufacturers represented, we’ll adjust brake systems, troubleshoot electrical problems, discuss inspection criteria, and conduct pneumatic system repairs.

C Franklin Ltd built up in 2008 and Safe Contractor affirmed we have lifts repairs frameworks for some substantial healing centers, hospices, uncommon needs schools furthermore in private living arrangements. It has developed an expansive administration customer base and gets the greater part of this work through suggestion. C Franklin Ltd, can offer this master commercial center a genuine, on time, solid and expert support of all inside of its continually expanding client base. 

We offer twofold twelve-month to month offering with tests printed material, reports furthermore examination names. We lead vehicle repairs that need the getting including parts furthermore establishment through various industry models. We direct changing your bed recapturing furthermore repair.  We stock lifts for prompt dispatch together with a broad scope of extras permitting you to get lifts in working request inside of the most brief conceivable time period. At C Franklin Ltd , we have had another establishment or work did as a major aspect of the administration contract we have never had an issue with the C Franklin Ltd. 

Our specialists are prepared in support, testing and investigation methods to guarantee each agreement's individual necessities are met. Support customers have the choice to join to a 24 hour helpline. Our Service and Maintenance division will guarantee your items are kept up to the most elevated principles and in line. The hoist is measured so additional wellbeing elements can be included at a later date as future models create. These derricks are suitable for changeless venues or visiting applications.  We've tried and utilized hardware on numerous occasions; we've ventured to the far corners of the planet; we've addressed a great many end clients, vocations, human services experts, modelers, fashioners, and consideration establishments. More or less, we know the market's difficulties and we're discovering arrangements. For more information visit the site

Friday, 9 October 2015

Preventative Crane Maintenance

At C Franklin Ltd, we also provide ongoing crane maintenance programs to ensure the optimal performance of your cranes and hoists all year round. Such preventative crane maintenance is tailored for your business and your machinery; and is all about minimizing the cost to your business.