Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hoists Installation and Service Maintenance

Cranes, Hoists and Slings are used in university buildings across campus to move loads. To ensure that this equipment is used properly and maintained in a safe manner it is necessary to implement a maintenance, training, and inspection. A hoist is a mechanical lifting device that can lift someone from a seated position and transfer them to another location such as a bed, seat or bathtub. Some hoists can move horizontally between areas within a room or between rooms.

A wheeled hoist is free-standing equipment that supports the person being moved in a sling or harness that is suspended from a cantilevered arm. The sling is placed around the person while he or she is seated or lying down. The person is then hoisted up, the hoist is wheeled to the new location and the person is lowered.

Ceiling lifts work by using tracks which are installed in the user’s household and are usually electrically powered. The advice of a structural engineer is required if you wish to have a ceiling lift installed.  You must provide a clear path of travel along the route of the track, particularly at door frames for systems that connect two or more rooms. As a key part of care and mobility it is important to keep this in full working order, we can repair any issues you are having or perform a full service to keep it in the highest standard.

Our customers may choose proof test lifting equipment at given intervals, or for verification purposes because of recent repair, recertification, or dormancy.  Our fleet of proof testers, load cells, weights, and rigging equipment enable us to proof test most all types of common lifting equipment.

Weight testing and LOLER inspections are mandatory by law. We offer a simple and easy way for all your LOLER Certification , Servicing and inspection requirements. Our fully trained technicians together with our comprehensive service procedures are designed to keep your equipment in good operating condition and to the highest safety standard.

Cfranklinltd will conduct inspections of powered cranes and hoists on campus and maintain these inspection records, unless a department elects to develop and manage their own inspection program. In either case, departments will be responsible for conducting any necessary repairs. Visual inspections shall always precede any maintenance, repair, testing, or any new device being put into service.  Our inspectors perform thorough written examinations inspection with extreme scrutiny. 

C Franklin Ltd is provides inspection, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair on all your heavy duty lifting equipment including slings, Mobile Hoists,  Shower Beds , hoists, and cranes, Nursing Beds, Hoist Call Outs, Standing frames and Standing frames. Our equipment which is provided for work use is suitable for the purpose and condition in which it is used, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure that it is safe for use. At  C Franklin Ltd, we take pride in keeping your company productive and up and running, whether it be repairing an existing hoist or crane or replacing them with a new hoist. For more information visit the site

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