Thursday, 11 June 2015

Best in Sales, Repair and Testing For Hoists

C Franklin Ltd provides inspection, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair on all your heavy duty lifting equipment including slings, wire rope, hoists, and cranes. C Franklin Ltd committed to promoting safe and efficient use of overhead cranes and rigging equipment. Our professionally developed courses consist of classroom and hands-on training, highlighting safe rigging, maintenance and lifting. Students will learn proper care, inspection and application of all types of cranes and lifting equipment. Our well-trained service technicians are knowledgeable about all types of lifting equipment and provide timely and appropriate responses to your specific requirements. Our reputation, experience, flexibility, and attention to detail make us your premier service provider.

We also maintain the electrical panels by tightening lugs, checking connections, and inspecting for corrosion.  On bridge cranes we maintain gear boxes, pinion gears, grease all fittings, verify and refill of all fluid levels. Greasing the crane block load pin, tightening body bolts, and checking for hook housing bearing wear are standard practices on any preventative maintenance job.  When power is not available and portability is key, these hoists provide lifting with little maintenance and low cost. Although cost always is considered, buying a premium brand hand chain hoist will provide better support for maintenance and have a longer life cycle.

In today's manufacturing environment, it isn't so much about who's the biggest, but who's the fastest and most efficient. To compete, your plant must operate at peak performance at all times. To do this, you need a reliable source for comprehensive industrial inspection, repair and preventive maintenance services. C Franklin Ltd provides all of this and more with a customer service level that sets us apart from the rest.
Staying truly up to speed in today's environment requires a lot more than an efficient repair, a good inspection system, or an ongoing preventive maintenance program. Today, it requires anticipating problems before they become failures and repairing them before they cost you valuable down time. C Franklin Ltd Industrial Service to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency.

C Franklin Ltd provided the best in sales, repair and testing for hoists, cranes and electric motors. And today we're also your source for the latest in predictive maintenance services, advanced technology that can help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair and lost productivity costs.

We can discuss strategies for reducing downtime, shrinking the costs of maintenance, and greatly enhancing your plant's productivity. Call the location nearest you today. We'll make sure you're up to speed on everything we offer. Our technicians are equipped to perform a wide scope of planned repairs that include repairing, adjusting and replacing any component or equipment part.

C Franklin Ltd offers corrective maintenance services that include planned repairs, preauthorized repairs and on-call repairs. In order to get small repairs or adjustments arranged and completed quickly and efficiently. They are normally completed during inspection or preventive maintenance visits. We can also respond to your on-call or emergency repair needs. For more information visit the site .

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