Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hoists Repairs Systems Hospitals and Schools

If you are looking forward to working with you in the design, supply and installation of new equipment, additional product and accessories; or maintaining your existing equipment.  At C Franklin Ltd, we have years experience in providing innovative lifting and hoisting equipment to assist in the lifting of patients, disabled people and those needing support with bathing and mobility, especially bariatric clients. Our hoists and lifting equipment products are designed, built, supplied and maintained to the highest standards and according to your specific needs.

C Franklin Ltd established in 2008 and Safe Contractor approved we have hoists repairs systems for many large hospitals, hospices, special needs schools and also in private residences. It has built up a large service client base and receives most of this work through recommendation. C Franklin Ltd, can offer this specialist market place an honest, on time, reliable and professional service to all within its ever increasing customer base

We offer double twelve-monthly offering with tests paperwork, reports and also examination labels. We conduct vehicle repairs that need the getting involving parts and also installation through numerous industry models. We conduct modifying your bed regaining and also repair. 

We stock hoists for immediate dispatch together with an extensive range of spares allowing you to get hoists in working order within the shortest possible timeframe. Whenever we have had a new installation or work carried out as part of the service contract we have never had a problem with the C Franklin Ltd. Our engineers are trained in maintenance, testing and inspection procedures to ensure every contract’s individual requirements are met. Maintenance clients have the option to sign up to a 24 hour helpline. Our Service and Maintenance department will ensure your products are maintained to the highest standards and in line.

C Franklin Ltd has provides  the hoist  and installations since 2008 , many arenas, multipurpose venues, schools, night clubs and performance venues have benefited from installing higher integrity hoists which do not require secondary suspension systems to hold the load in the event of a failure. The hoist is modular so extra safety features can be added at a later date as future standards develop. These hoists are suitable for permanent venues or touring applications.

We’ve tested and used equipment time and time again; we’ve travelled the world; we’ve spoken to thousands of end users, careers, healthcare professionals, architects, designers, and care institutions. In a nutshell, we know the market’s challenges and we’re finding solutions. We’re making use of our know-how to design and manufacture healthcare products the world has never seen before.
our own seek to obstacle the way factors are now being carried out inside the health market, to create and create completely new revolutionary goods, also to transform the way men and women consider care gear. We want to feel tricky concerning appearances while emphasizing operate. And if we’ve improved quality of life on the way, we all know we’ve attained our own aims. For more information visit the site .

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